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Fortuna Mezcal has been in and around the city doing a bunch of events over the past few months. I featured a drink called a Long Winter which was a mezcal drink on MTV a few months ago. This week I had photos taken of a different mezcal drink called Say “What” Again!. This drink is made with smokey, leathery Fortuna, Victoria Oaken Gin that I won from the Toronto’s Hottest Bartender Competition (thanks again for voting), my favorite liqueur in the world, Tuaca and some Bitter End Mexican Mole Bitters. Imagine it as a Perfect Manhattan as far as proportions go.


What, you don’t know how to make a Perfect Manhattan? Maybe you should check out the “Services” page on my website, get in touch, and I can come teach you. It’ll be fun.

Photos, as always, by Jessica Blaine Smith




This drink is called an After School Special. It is made with an ounce each of Tromba Blanco and Pimm’s No. 1 and then 1/4oz. of Campari and Cointreau plus 3 drops of Bittered Sling Grapefruit and Hops bitters. The result is an herbaceous drink with a nice kick and a lot of citrus. I made this drink for my girlfriend’s 10th anniversary party, which is tomorrow night. Myself and Mike Webster are bartending it and it should be a tonne of fun. The determination and dedication she has shown to her craft is inspiring and I am grateful that she asked me to help her with the party. It’s going to be interesting because there will be a lot of families at the party and generally, cocktails and kids don’t mix. I am excited for it. I also made about 3 litres of this cocktail and left it in a Tromba barrel for a week and am serving it as a special at Rock Lobster, but you will have to ask for it by name. Secret drinks are fun drinks.

I have been on a “citrus forward without any actual citrus” kick lately. The drink that I made for the finale of the Toronto’s Hottest Bartender competition. That drink was made of 2oz.Victoria Gin, .5oz. Palmello/Grapefruit syrup, a dash of Dillon’s Bitter Lemon and some lime oil on top. I have some of the syrup leftover so guess what? Another special at Rock Lobster, but again, you gotta ask. It’s called Tears of a Clown. Also both these drinks are on a “while supplies last” basis. Also, I won. Thanks everyone for voting and showing up to support the causes and bartenders (Jeff Carroll, Simon Ho, Brittany Maguire and Caylee Alzner). Here is the video that we made for my bid. 

I’ll post another drink next week, and as we get settled into our new apartment (with a killer kitchen) I will be posting more on here. Dig it!

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