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This drink is one of my favorites that Christina Kuypers ever came up with. We had it on the menu for the month long Gwai Lo pop up last fall and it is one of those simple to make but complex to taste as long as it’s made properly.

We used 1.5oz El Dorado 12 year rum, .75oz. Cynar and .5oz. Amaro Montenegro. You stir it and then flame an orange cheek (which took me a few hours to remember how to do properly, I have it down now as I was demonstrating at my friend Wendy’s house last week in Ridgeway). Served straight up in a coupe, this is one of the least summer style drinks you will see on a drinks blog this summer. Deal with it.

I am at Tales of the Cocktail right now so come find me. I’ll be with the Sailor Jerry guys for a lot of the week, and otherwise, just look for the coaster.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks, you know how summer gets.


Here are a few things though.

Sailor Jerry Rum has invited me to go to Tales Of The Cocktail with them. I am really excited and feel really lucky to have this chance. If you find yourself there, just look for wherever Sailor Jerry is and I will be there. When I get back I will set up the basics class. To the people that have gotten in touch about it, I promise it’s coming. To anyone else interested, please e-mail me.

Bar Isabel is an amazing place to work. I am learning a lot and with Mike Webster and I working together, I feel like I am improving my skills rapidly.

I have been working out a lot lately and have managed to put on weight. Having been a skinny white guy my whole life, I feel really good about it. So does my girlfriend, because she gets to work on her photos while I’m in the living room working out, which I’m told is funnier than anything on TV.


This is a Palmetto. A tiny one. I first learned about this drink last year at Tales Of The Cocktail on Tour in Vancouver. I like it in this capacity, as a digestif. I attended one of the “spirited dinners” that the Tales people put together, but instead of being a weasel (see: professional) I chose to sit at the bar and hang out with Steve the then bartender at The Waldorf and learn as much as I could about tiki. This was the last drink that I remember having and then I lost my hoody on the walk back to my friend Lana’s house. Professional. To be brutally honest, for this photo I used a Rum Agricole and it was pretty bad, so I suggest sticking with a more traditional cane rum. Here is a picture I took at The Waldorf.

IMAG0012In it you can see Steve and the hoody that made that hook it’s home forever.
Also, please go vote for me as Toronto’s Hottest Bartender. Every vote counts for a dollar toward the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. So it’s a few seconds for a good cause, neh, a GREAT cause. If I make it to the top 5 I have to come up with a cocktail for the big coronation ceremony (see: piss up) at the Drake on the 25th Then I can make that drink a drink of the week. See how I tied that together there?

The photo of the tiny Palmetto was taken by Jessica Blaine Smith

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