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Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks, you know how summer gets.


Here are a few things though.

Sailor Jerry Rum has invited me to go to Tales Of The Cocktail with them. I am really excited and feel really lucky to have this chance. If you find yourself there, just look for wherever Sailor Jerry is and I will be there. When I get back I will set up the basics class. To the people that have gotten in touch about it, I promise it’s coming. To anyone else interested, please e-mail me.

Bar Isabel is an amazing place to work. I am learning a lot and with Mike Webster and I working together, I feel like I am improving my skills rapidly.

I have been working out a lot lately and have managed to put on weight. Having been a skinny white guy my whole life, I feel really good about it. So does my girlfriend, because she gets to work on her photos while I’m in the living room working out, which I’m told is funnier than anything on TV.




Jess and I are moving this week, so my caffeine intake has gone up drastically. Add moving to the rearrangement of  responsibilities at Rock Lobster, the organization of what is sure to be a really good time at the JBSmith Photography 10th Anniversary Party (drinks by Barman Willie), Fortuna Mezcal week, the potential of organizing the beverage portion of a huge music festival and putting a drink together for the Toronto’s Hottest Bartender contest (thanks for all the votes), it’s a busy week and a half. Tea is the key. I made this tea by boiling water and leaving the bag in the mug for about 6 minutes. The mug is from Dollarama and was a birthday present from Katie Clark in 2005.

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