In case you were living under a rock, with your eyes covered and your ears plugged, on Mars, you know that Broken Social Scene played their first show in 2 years yesterday at Fort York in Toronto as part of what looks like it will be a yearly festival called Field Trip. It was a really good thing for Toronto, as for the last month or so we have been even more embarrassed by our clown of a mayor. The whole thing was very well planned and laid out. Jess was asked to shoot the event for The Hip and Urban Girl’s Guide website and I was her “assistant” (“would you like a beer?”). Cold Specks and Stars were the two bands I really wanted to see. Bloc Party were a nice surprise. But the thing I was most surprised by were 3 people wearing t-shirts I hadn’t expected to see there. Now, don’t go thinking I was outright surprised that someone could be into melodic hardcore and also Feist, I just didn’t expect to see the shirts around is all. The irony of being the guy with SLAYER, Minor Threat and Closet Monster tattoos and writing this is not lost on me.

3. Bad Religion. This one was the least surprising of the shirts I’m gonna mention here. This band has been around for like 30 years and has played as many festivals with as many bands as anyone so not too surprised. But I didn’t see the 22 year kid with a mohawk and a BR shirt coming.

2. Snapcase. Who even has a Snapcase shirt anymore? My favorite thing they ever did was a misfits cover, but they definitely played around a lot. I think they did a tour with the deftones at one point, so maybe that’s where this guy got it. He definitely was not sXe, as he spent most of BSS’s set falling into people.

1. SPAZZ. Okay, seriously? Grinding thrash from the late nineties and early 2000’s? On 625?And this dude looked like he loved Hayden. I have a SPAZZ CD that is a compilation of 3 of their LPs and it might be 35 minutes long.

Honourable Mention: The guy in a misfits t-shirt. Not so surprising, the crimson ghost is everywhere but the bondage pants and The Business ass-flap really set off the whole ensemble.