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Fortuna Mezcal has been in and around the city doing a bunch of events over the past few months. I featured a drink called a Long Winter which was a mezcal drink on MTV a few months ago. This week I had photos taken of a different mezcal drink called Say “What” Again!. This drink is made with smokey, leathery Fortuna, Victoria Oaken Gin that I won from the Toronto’s Hottest Bartender Competition (thanks again for voting), my favorite liqueur in the world, Tuaca and some Bitter End Mexican Mole Bitters. Imagine it as a Perfect Manhattan as far as proportions go.


What, you don’t know how to make a Perfect Manhattan? Maybe you should check out the “Services” page on my website, get in touch, and I can come teach you. It’ll be fun.

Photos, as always, by Jessica Blaine Smith




Jess and I are moving this week, so my caffeine intake has gone up drastically. Add moving to the rearrangement of  responsibilities at Rock Lobster, the organization of what is sure to be a really good time at the JBSmith Photography 10th Anniversary Party (drinks by Barman Willie), Fortuna Mezcal week, the potential of organizing the beverage portion of a huge music festival and putting a drink together for the Toronto’s Hottest Bartender contest (thanks for all the votes), it’s a busy week and a half. Tea is the key. I made this tea by boiling water and leaving the bag in the mug for about 6 minutes. The mug is from Dollarama and was a birthday present from Katie Clark in 2005.

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