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In case you were living under a rock, with your eyes covered and your ears plugged, on Mars, you know that Broken Social Scene played their first show in 2 years yesterday at Fort York in Toronto as part of what looks like it will be a yearly festival called Field Trip. It was a really good thing for Toronto, as for the last month or so we have been even more embarrassed by our clown of a mayor. The whole thing was very well planned and laid out. Jess was asked to shoot the event for The Hip and Urban Girl’s Guide website and I was her “assistant” (“would you like a beer?”). Cold Specks and Stars were the two bands I really wanted to see. Bloc Party were a nice surprise. But the thing I was most surprised by were 3 people wearing t-shirts I hadn’t expected to see there. Now, don’t go thinking I was outright surprised that someone could be into melodic hardcore and also Feist, I just didn’t expect to see the shirts around is all. The irony of being the guy with SLAYER, Minor Threat and Closet Monster tattoos and writing this is not lost on me.

3. Bad Religion. This one was the least surprising of the shirts I’m gonna mention here. This band has been around for like 30 years and has played as many festivals with as many bands as anyone so not too surprised. But I didn’t see the 22 year kid with a mohawk and a BR shirt coming.

2. Snapcase. Who even has a Snapcase shirt anymore? My favorite thing they ever did was a misfits cover, but they definitely played around a lot. I think they did a tour with the deftones at one point, so maybe that’s where this guy got it. He definitely was not sXe, as he spent most of BSS’s set falling into people.

1. SPAZZ. Okay, seriously? Grinding thrash from the late nineties and early 2000’s? On 625?And this dude looked like he loved Hayden. I have a SPAZZ CD that is a compilation of 3 of their LPs and it might be 35 minutes long.

Honourable Mention: The guy in a misfits t-shirt. Not so surprising, the crimson ghost is everywhere but the bondage pants and The Business ass-flap really set off the whole ensemble.


We are going to Mexico.


I have never been anywhere that English (or French I guess) is not the default language of the citizens. I am excited and scared and nervous but mostly happy to be going somewhere with someone.

The closest thing I equate this feeling to is when Mark Spicoluk and I were e-mailing each other in 2002 about how we were going to quit our jobs and start touring Canada with his band Closet Monster. His job: Bassist for Avril Lavigne. My job: announcer on 102.1 The Edge (clearly one of us had more at stake than the other). He was in Japan at the time and had just played to 40,000 people opening for O-Town and I had just accidentally called some guy’s band nickleback (it was not Chad Kroeger). We needed something to change and given who we were at the time, driving back and forth across Canada with a bunch of friends made the most sense.


Now, 11 years later I realize that my life is stable enough to not have to abandon everything for floors in Riviere du Loup or Kamloops.* That said, I really like the idea of going somewhere where I know nothing, and no one but my travel companion. I find myself imagining how things might be, but then I stop myself because no matter how I imagine a beach on the west coast of Mexico, it will not be that way when I get there. So I stop imagining and just get excited.

I like the idea of going somewhere as a genuine vacation. The reason is to go and spend time, somewhere foreign with someone I want to spend time with. With touring, it was always (kind of) work and the idea was to make that my life. That life didn’t work for me and now I approach traveling to some place(s) I’ve never been before way differently. I am going as a sponge, not as a rock, hoping to make a mark and leave with everyone knowing we were there. I just want to see new things, do new things and get a tan…cough.

So there will be a break in blog posts, but a flood of them when we get back. See you soon.


*- During the years where I was touring consistently I made some lifelong friends, and really learned what it is to keep someone in your life, even without seeing or hearing from them for months at a time. I loved doing this and would never trade my experiences for anything, they all led me to where I am now.



For as long as I have been working…anywhere….I have been the resident record nerd. At the tattoo shop I used to be in charge of the 5 disc changer (yes it was that long ago). At the radio station I was the youngest person to ever be part of their music department. When I was on tour with Closet Monster, I was in charge of the tapes in The Yellow Bus Of Justice (do you really want to know?). When I started working in bars and restaurants (not counting being a Casey’s line cook at 18) it didn’t take long before people started asking me to bring in my iPod or put together a playlist for whatever party, or DJ on a night that otherwise would have been dead (not that a guy with a DJ name like Wreckthevibe or Norequest draws a lot of people). When GwaiLo did our first couple dinners at what is now Edulis I was in charge of the playlist and people were tweeting about it. At Campagnolo when everyone got tired of Chef Craig’s playlists (though varied and pretty awesome), I was the go to. Then for the GwaiLo pop up I think the hotel patrons and the staff were pretty impressed. Then Chef Nick asked that I make a playlist of “you know, your favorite hip hop tracks, but not the wu-tang versions, the ones they sampled from.” So I did. During the bar tour I did a night at 1602 where I put on my iPod and everyone thought that the DJ was amazing. There was no DJ, it was just some playlist that I had made, on shuffle. The night of Rock Lobster’s opening, I had a playlist ready to go and everyone loved it and I am still more or less in charge of it, though Matt would rather there be more Springsteen and less Madonna.

Here are ten songs on the Rock Lobster List, on random, to give you an idea.

What you Know?- T.I.
End of The Line- Travelling Wilburys
Hey Girl- The Small Faces
G Turns To D- Sloan
Running Away- Roy Ayers
Tropical London- Rancid
Just- Radiohead
Southern Man- Neil Young
For The Love Of Ivy- Japandroids
I Can- Nas
(as you can tell, genre and age don’t matter at RL, so much as being upbeat)

So, if you need a change of pace in your bar/restaurant, or want to create a different vibe, or whatever, contact me and I will put together a playlist or 3 or 5 for you. You have to look after the royalties part though.

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