jbs-TheAviation02The Aviation fell into obscurity once prohibition was repealed. That’s when things like gin and whisky took too long to get/make, so vodka kind of took over. Also, throughout the years both Maraschino Liqueur and Creme De Violette have been available really infrequently in North America, especially Ontario so the drink only got a new life in the last 10 years or so.

jbs-TheAviation03London dry gin, lemon juice, and the above mentioned liqueurs give this drink a zippy, refreshing kick that makes me want to make a pitcher of them. The garnish is a proper maraschino cherry (not one of these), and usually they are skewered. In general, I’m not into skewering garnishes. I like seeing them IN the drink, through the side of the glass, not perched like a vulture. Of course if I’m making someone else’s drink I garnish as I’ve been instructed. With something like The Aviation though, I feel safe just dropping the cherry in the glass.

If you’re curious, I got the bottle of Violette from Craig as a going away present at Campagnolo and have managed to only use like 5 ounces out of it. I treasure it as much as Short Round treasures his Yankees hat.
Photos, taken minutes before a rain storm, by: Jessica Blaine Smith