Hey this drink of the week is a weird one.


The drink was imagined by Robin Kaufman, Marco Cedano and myself.
1oz. Tromba Tequila Blanco
.5oz. Agave Syrup
1 Strawberry (a big one)
.5oz. Lime Juice
Tsp chopped cilantro


This drink was conceived and born on the same day (take THAT any “miracle” ever) at the Tromba distillery in rural Jalisco two weeks ago.
Made out of whatever kind of made sense right then and there as we were in a tent in the parking lot of the distillery, with a bunch of the distillery employees. It was surreal to think that these people spend their days making this liquid that I then throw strawberries at it (the strawberry fields are also owned by the guy that own the land that the agave is grown on) and call what I do work.


Everyone liked the drink and it went over really well.

There will be more posts about Mexico when I settle back into real life here in Toronto. Also, keep up the #coasterboy thing. So far this one is the best I’ve seen.