We are going to Mexico.


I have never been anywhere that English (or French I guess) is not the default language of the citizens. I am excited and scared and nervous but mostly happy to be going somewhere with someone.

The closest thing I equate this feeling to is when Mark Spicoluk and I were e-mailing each other in 2002 about how we were going to quit our jobs and start touring Canada with his band Closet Monster. His job: Bassist for Avril Lavigne. My job: announcer on 102.1 The Edge (clearly one of us had more at stake than the other). He was in Japan at the time and had just played to 40,000 people opening for O-Town and I had just accidentally called some guy’s band nickleback (it was not Chad Kroeger). We needed something to change and given who we were at the time, driving back and forth across Canada with a bunch of friends made the most sense.


Now, 11 years later I realize that my life is stable enough to not have to abandon everything for floors in Riviere du Loup or Kamloops.* That said, I really like the idea of going somewhere where I know nothing, and no one but my travel companion. I find myself imagining how things might be, but then I stop myself because no matter how I imagine a beach on the west coast of Mexico, it will not be that way when I get there. So I stop imagining and just get excited.

I like the idea of going somewhere as a genuine vacation. The reason is to go and spend time, somewhere foreign with someone I want to spend time with. With touring, it was always (kind of) work and the idea was to make that my life. That life didn’t work for me and now I approach traveling to some place(s) I’ve never been before way differently. I am going as a sponge, not as a rock, hoping to make a mark and leave with everyone knowing we were there. I just want to see new things, do new things and get a tan…cough.

So there will be a break in blog posts, but a flood of them when we get back. See you soon.


*- During the years where I was touring consistently I made some lifelong friends, and really learned what it is to keep someone in your life, even without seeing or hearing from them for months at a time. I loved doing this and would never trade my experiences for anything, they all led me to where I am now.