If this photo looks familiar it’s because I also used it when I posted about my coasters (have you seen them around yet?)

Anyway, the drink sitting on my face is The Algonquin. Like many other classics, this one is named after the hotel where it was first served, or at least given a name. The proportions, again like many other classics vary, but I like it as 2 parts whiskey ( for the picture we used Rittenhouse, duh, but I have seen recipes that call for blends), 1 part dry vermouth and one part pineapple juice. Shake it and fine strain it and serve it straight up. The reason I like this drink so much is because it predates almost anything tiki, but still has pineapple juice in it. So it’s a rich, boozy drink, but with an incredible fruit nose.

If you want to learn more little factoids like that, contact me about coming to my cocktail basics class (naming things has not been my forte lately) next Monday, April 8th. I will be going over everything from why drinks have the names they do, why they are served the way they are served and how creating a drink requires some real thought to have it work out well. If you came to any of the Sunday School classes you get the idea, but if you didn’t, this might be a great way to catch up. It will only cost you thirty dollars and take about 3 hours of your time. Get in touch.

Photo by Jessica Blaine Smith