This is not a sidecar. It’s the Scooter. Clever, right? I replaced the cognac with pisco, I replaced the cointreau with maraschino, I replaced the lemon juice with guava juice, I added some Boker’s Bitters and a shook it and served it straight up, with a cherry. This one went over really well at the Gwai Lo Pop Up. I wanted something that the guests at Sen5es that order cosmos and kamikazis like it’s 1993 would not be afraid of.  Also, it’s part of my dipping my toe into the Tiki puddle.

April 8th I will be doing a workshop for any of my friends that are starting to get into cocktails, or have been bartending for a while now and realized that they aren’t sure what’s built and what’s shaken. Several people have asked me about this, so here’s your chance. Monday April 8th from 1-4(ish) at Rock Lobster, I will be making drinks and explaining how drinks are made in relation to the ones that I make. It will cost you $30 to attend (which is pretty cheap I feel) but I am limiting it to ten people. So, head to the “contact” section of the blog if you are interested. Peace!

Photo: Jessica Blaine Smith