Look at that! I put my face under your drink! 


Just about a year ago when we started working (as opposed to just planning) GwaiLo stuff, Christina Suggested that we get lighters as business cards, which is a solid idea if you smoke, but I don’t, and though I do like lighting stuff on fire, it didn’t seem like the best move for me as a contact info spreading idea.


I never liked the idea of having a business card. I guess in Japan if you are presented with a business card and you don’t read every detail before pocketing it, it’s rude. So I made beer coasters with my face and like 12 words on them. Adam Cook did the face design for the Bar Tour flyer last year and my lady did the coaster design, ordered them and took the pictures that you see here.


If you don’t drink, or aren’t drinking when you get given one of these or find one on a bar top, at a coffee shop, or in your purse (because I’m sneaky) there are other things you can do with it. Look, I have glasses (sometimes true) or a moustache (impossible) or you can just use the blank space on the back to get/give a phone number from/to sexy babetron that has been making eyes at you all night.

Keep and eye out, I’m going to breadcrumb these around the city.