This drink is called a Boulevardier. I have seen it as a 1.5oz Bourbon, 1oz. Campari, 1oz. Sweet Vermouth drink and also as equal proportions. I like the equal proportion version, but with a very rye heavy bourbon like Wild Turkey or Bulleit. This drink is not for wusses. The glass, I feel, suits the drink well. It came from the AGO gift shop.  This drink is stirred and served either on rocks or straight up. You might notice that it is pretty similar to the Negroni, except with whiskey in place of gin. Apparently this drink predates the Negroni, but who really knows this stuff, oh wait, this guy. I also like the idea of having this drink be really cheap (turkey, martini rosso) or really ballin’ (pappy, carpano).

Also, due to a bunch of my friends asking, and the changing of seasons, I will be taking a monday afternoon soon to run through the drink list for Rock Lobster brunch (soon) and the spring/summer list. If you want to come watch me make drinks and hear me talk about cocktails and liquor, let me know and we will get you in to check this stuff out. I haven’t decided yet about a cost for doing this per person, but I imagine it will not be expensive, just a covering cost of liquid and time thing.

Peace til next week, which will be the end of series one of my Drink Of The Week stuff.

Phot, as always, by Jessica Blaine Smith.