Now that Toronto’s Hottest Bartender, Jess’ 10th Anniversary and the big move are all over with we are thinking about our next trip. Other than heading to Boston for 3 days for my friends Holly and Frank’s wedding I haven’t gone away in a long ass time. The last time I went away for longer than a week was when I went to Vancouver to deal with some legal issues and then rode back to Calgary with Mares of Thrace. Then stayed in Calgary for a couple days while Therese dealt with a bunch of legalities of her own. Here’s something not many people know, The Kensington Wine store rules. Also, liquor taxes in Alberta are way different (see almost non-existant) than Ontario taxes. So I went to this liquor store that  Ron from The Diamond recommended I check out. While there I bought a bottle of Lemon Hart, Punt E Mes (readily available, just sitting there on a shelf with a bunch of other liqueurs and fortified wines) Taboo Absinthe and some Luxardo Maraschino. Then I grabbed some citrus from a safeway (SAFEWAY!) on the way back to Therese’s newly purchased and soon to be sold condo. We both needed a drink, so this is what I came up with.

2oz. Lemon Hart
.5oz Punt E Mes
2 Barspoons Maraschino (i was at a shreddeer/videogame developper/transcriber’s a house, so I improvised here)
Absinthe rinse
Lime Zest on top
Served on rocks

So a little in the Red Hook  vein, but really just created from “uh, let’s see what we got here”
I had this on the list at Campagnolo for a while, and I know Robin Kaufman loved it. Of course that version was made with Gosling’s Black Seal and the punt e mes cost like 12 dollars more per bottle.


Oh yeah the name! It comes from an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation where Cpt. Picard goes back to Earth and visits his families winery. His brother, with whom he’s always had a tenuous relationship, starts giving Jean-Luc the gears about drinking synthohol and the Captain responds with “drinking synthohol heightens one’s appreciation for the genuine article”. BOOM!

Drink Photo, of course, by Jessica Blaine Smith.