For as long as I have been working…anywhere….I have been the resident record nerd. At the tattoo shop I used to be in charge of the 5 disc changer (yes it was that long ago). At the radio station I was the youngest person to ever be part of their music department. When I was on tour with Closet Monster, I was in charge of the tapes in The Yellow Bus Of Justice (do you really want to know?). When I started working in bars and restaurants (not counting being a Casey’s line cook at 18) it didn’t take long before people started asking me to bring in my iPod or put together a playlist for whatever party, or DJ on a night that otherwise would have been dead (not that a guy with a DJ name like Wreckthevibe or Norequest draws a lot of people). When GwaiLo did our first couple dinners at what is now Edulis I was in charge of the playlist and people were tweeting about it. At Campagnolo when everyone got tired of Chef Craig’s playlists (though varied and pretty awesome), I was the go to. Then for the GwaiLo pop up I think the hotel patrons and the staff were pretty impressed. Then Chef Nick asked that I make a playlist of “you know, your favorite hip hop tracks, but not the wu-tang versions, the ones they sampled from.” So I did. During the bar tour I did a night at 1602 where I put on my iPod and everyone thought that the DJ was amazing. There was no DJ, it was just some playlist that I had made, on shuffle. The night of Rock Lobster’s opening, I had a playlist ready to go and everyone loved it and I am still more or less in charge of it, though Matt would rather there be more Springsteen and less Madonna.

Here are ten songs on the Rock Lobster List, on random, to give you an idea.

What you Know?- T.I.
End of The Line- Travelling Wilburys
Hey Girl- The Small Faces
G Turns To D- Sloan
Running Away- Roy Ayers
Tropical London- Rancid
Just- Radiohead
Southern Man- Neil Young
For The Love Of Ivy- Japandroids
I Can- Nas
(as you can tell, genre and age don’t matter at RL, so much as being upbeat)

So, if you need a change of pace in your bar/restaurant, or want to create a different vibe, or whatever, contact me and I will put together a playlist or 3 or 5 for you. You have to look after the royalties part though.