This drink is the Calar Del Sole. (Pronounced Kal Are Dell Soleil). It got it’s name from googling the Italian for “sunset“. I came up with this drink on the fly at Campagnolo in my first week or so working there (I think it’s still on the menu). I had just gotten the job through friends of friends and by charming the hell out of Alex, the chef’s wife to be, so I was still a little nervous about the gig. I didn’t want to go back to having to work brunches (see make 1207 coffees) at Mildred Temple Kitchen (though, they are nice people).

The cocktail list I was working on was the one left for me by the previous bartender so I was still getting those drinks down when early one night an Italian man, about 60 years old, approached the bar and pounded on it and looked at me with the kind of terrifying look that only old men can give young men and said “This is BULLSHIT!“. I, as calmly as I could responded : “Sorry sir, what?”

“This is an Italian restaurant with thoughtful cocktails and there is not one Aperol drink?”

“Okay sir, I’ll put something together for you and send it your table, if you don’t like it, I will try again.”

I took 1.5oz. Aperol, 1oz. Plymouth Gin (this was before the image make-over and price hike), .5oz Bianco Vermouth and a dash of orange bitters, stirred and served it straight up with some orange oil expressed over top of it.

The gentleman (maybe not so gentle?) liked it. So I started making a lot of them and if you look in the press section of my blog, you’ll see a few different articles about this drink.

Enjoy. Another drink next week.

Photograph: Jessica Blaine Smith