1. Set your ipod on the dock and hit shuffle.


2. Start peeling your ginger. In this case I was making like 6 litres of the shrub so it took a while.
Pissed Jeans- Scrapbooking
Turbonegro- Everybody Loves A Chubby Dude
Municipal Waste- Thrashin’ Of The Christ
Agnostic Front- Blind Justice
The Replacements- Waitress In The Sky
Wild Flag- Short Version
Jeff Beck- Jeff’s Blues
Johnny Cash- Big River
Angelo Badalamenti- Twin Peaks Theme


3. Chop up the mound of peeled ginger root in front of you.
N.W.A. -Real Niggaz
The Cult- Ressurection Joe
Bob Marley- Trenchtown Rock


4. Measure out your vinegar to make sure you have equal parts with the peeled chopped ginger.
Public Enemy- Rebirth


5. Add to the pot and bring to a boil.
The Jam- To Be Someone


6. Open a beer to enjoy while you wait for the pot of vinegar and ginger to boil. Your mom almost never reads your blog anyway, so who’s gonna judge you?
The Melvins- The Mechanical Bride
Jimmy James and The Vagabonds- Hey Girl
Body Count- Body Count (seriously, how good of band name is Body Count?)


7. Add one third measure of sugar. That is, one third of the measure of ginger, not of the entire volume of the pot. Otherwise you will end up with the sourest thing since that time your friend dared you to do a line of the stuff at the bottom of a bag of sour kids when you were 15. (good thing your mom almost never reads your blog)


8. Kill the heat. Now stir and dissolve the sugar.
Sleater Kinney- The Fox


9. Let the shrub cool, then transfer contents of the pot to some jars and let sit 4-6 days.

Pulley- Runaway

This shrub is what we were using for easily the most popular drink at the GwaiLo Pop-Up in November at Sen5es. The drink was called a Governor Dawsonne, named after a British military man that was left in charge of the Philippines in the early 20th Century. The reason this makes sense is because the Philippines consume more “gin” than anywhere else in the world and the components of the drink were Hendrick’s Gin, cucumber mulch (sounds appealing I know), jalapeno syrup and this shrub. It was garnished with a cucumber ribbon, which looked really cool.

This shrub is currently being used in the Iginla Fizz at Rock Lobster Food Co. I named the drink after Jarome Iginla because he wears the number 12 and  Gibson’s 12 year whisky is in the drink. So it is the Gibson’s, then equal parts this shrub and lemon juice and then about 3 ounces of elderflower soda, also garnished with a cucumber. Clearly a more Canadian take on the Governor Dawsonne. But what drink isn’t a take on some other drink?