A few things that we as a city/country/continent need to quit.

1. “Hipster”. First used in the thirties or something to describe someone liked jazz, this word has been used way too much in past decade. To the point now where people are using it to describe anything current or fashionable. Even themselves. Does someone that only drinks bourbon really get on your nerves? Oh and that girl with an angular haircut and lenseless glasses really piss you off? Maybe you need to just ignore that and focus whatever it you’re really mad at. (In most of my friend’s cases, that is getting old and/or not having any money). but don’t take it out on some recent graduate from any of Toronto’s fine universities and colleges. Like you never dressed like an idiot and thought you were cool. Shit, I used to have my septum pierced. So stop calling people hipsters because they are cooler than you. We all know that they aren’t. Also direct your  attention to something worthwhile. Like this.

2. Gangnam. Not funny. Not catchy. Basically a racist joke. I was at a wedding 2 weeks ago and this is the new macarena. Does that sound like something the world needs?

3. Fleetwood Mac*. Seriously, the creators of “middle of the road” music. No wonder so many Canadians think they are great. Might as well get really into the fucking Wallflowers.

4. “World Famous”. No one has ever heard of your spaghetti or some dumb trick you do on your figure skates you dummy.

*A lot of the songs written and originally performed by fleetwood mac are pretty good songs (landslide comes to mind) but even the catchiest ones with the most guts still sound like they were being played half-assed with feathers for drumsticks..