1. Put your iPod in a dock and set it to shuffle.
Blanche- Someday
2. Wash your horse radish. Actually do your dishes from breakfast first. I am making a huge batch, so I’m starting with about 5 pounds.


Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing – Stevie Wonder

3. Chop the root roughly. Don’t peel it though, the outside gives the shrub a nice earthy flavour.


Ripcord- Radiohead.
Expect to sneeze a lot while chopping.
Lethe- KENmode.
Lake Ontario- Dear Landlord
Nowhere Fast- The Smiths
Walking Out On Love- The Nerves
Texas- Rose Tattoo

4. Measure out your chopped horse radish and then measure out an equal amount of white wine vingar.

IMAG0800IMAG0801 IMAG0802
White Noise- Corrosion Of Conformity
(here is a picture of me, my friend Krista Grant and Pepper Keenan from a few years ago, with invisible oranges)
8132_136431082249_1705739_n5. Bring the horse radish and vinegar to a boil. Heads up, getting white wine vinegar to come to a rolling boil isn’t really good for it. I don’t know the science behind it exactly, but it breaks down and you lose volume, so you want tiny bubbles, like this:


I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life- The Buzzcocks
King Of The Beat- Pumpkin
Home Grown Terrorism- The Brat Attack
Choose To Be- Youth Of Today

6. Kill The heat and add 1/3 measure sugar. Stir to dissolve. I was thinking though, how much do other cities pay for sugar? We have the Redpath refinery right in downtown Toronto, and I know in Western Canada, Rogers is the big sugar supplier, but how much does it cost? Sugar is pretty cheap here, like $1.25/kg. Anyone have any insight?


Weenie Beenie- Foo Fighters

7. Once cool, add the whole thing to a jar. Let the mixture sit for 3 days before using, and as far as refridgeration goes,   once you have it cold, keep it cold, but until then, you are fine to keep the shrub on a shelf.


Wendigo Pt.1 – Bison

This shrub is used in a drink that is going over surprisingly well at Rock Lobster. the drink is called a White Rabbit. There is tequila, lemon juice, this shrub and orange bitters, in a glass that has been rinsed with a smokey scotch. For ten bucks! What a steal!