1. Set the ipod in the dock and put it on shuffle. Eric Bachmann- So Long Savannah

2. Measure your water.

3. Measure your sundried tomatoes. You want to get them from a bulk food store, not a jar. These came from The Nuthouse. fugazi- F/D

4. Let simmer for 15 minutes. Cat Stevens- Just another Night, Wanda Jackson- There’s a Party Going On, The Damned- Silly Kids Games, Exodus- Bonded By Blood

5. Strain. The Ramones- The Crusher

6. Measure out your tomato liquid.

7. Add your measure of apple cider vinegar. Minor Threat- Guilty Of Being White

8. Add your measure of sugar (in this case white refined). Municipal Waste- Set To Destruct

9. Stir to desolve sugar and mix in vinegar. Girl Talk- Overtime, Fucked Up- Royal Swan 

10. Spill about 1/5th of the shrub because funnels are for chumps.

11. Clean up the spill and wipe down the jar or bottle. Dr. Feelgood- She Does It Right

12. Let cool before closing and refrigerate.

This shrub is one of Christina Kuypers’ creations. I will be using it in the Take 5 when the GwaiLo Invasion happens at La Carnita on Sunday night.  See you there, gringos.