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1. Set the ipod in the dock and put it on shuffle. Eric Bachmann- So Long Savannah

2. Measure your water.

3. Measure your sundried tomatoes. You want to get them from a bulk food store, not a jar. These came from The Nuthouse. fugazi- F/D

4. Let simmer for 15 minutes. Cat Stevens- Just another Night, Wanda Jackson- There’s a Party Going On, The Damned- Silly Kids Games, Exodus- Bonded By Blood

5. Strain. The Ramones- The Crusher

6. Measure out your tomato liquid.

7. Add your measure of apple cider vinegar. Minor Threat- Guilty Of Being White

8. Add your measure of sugar (in this case white refined). Municipal Waste- Set To Destruct

9. Stir to desolve sugar and mix in vinegar. Girl Talk- Overtime, Fucked Up- Royal Swan 

10. Spill about 1/5th of the shrub because funnels are for chumps.

11. Clean up the spill and wipe down the jar or bottle. Dr. Feelgood- She Does It Right

12. Let cool before closing and refrigerate.

This shrub is one of Christina Kuypers’ creations. I will be using it in the Take 5 when the GwaiLo Invasion happens at La Carnita on Sunday night.  See you there, gringos.


Bar Tour Day 13 had me at Ursa. Ursa is a newish restaurant just down the street from my house. The food is amazing and the owners have their own farm, or something like that, I’m a little unclear, but that’s the jist of it. They make an amazing tofu dish which is reason enough for me to go there.

Besides that, a friend of mine Robin Goodfellow is in charge of the bar there. His drinks balance well. He is a big fan of infusing liquor with everything from butter to ginger and then playing that infused spirit off another spirit. He also loves Chartreuse and might be the reason I shy away from it when I am coming up with drinks. (I felt dumb about this until he told me that he does the same thing with shrubs, because of me).

I brought a whole bunch of my tinctures with me last night to play around with, there is a Jim Beam Devil’s Cut competition coming up and I figured he’d be a good guy to bounce ideas off of. Then he told me he was one of the preliminary judges. Bummer for me, good news for Lucas, one of the owners, who then got to try out 3-5 drinks I had in my head. I’d tell you the recipes, but that might blow my shot at going to Kentucky.

It was a slow night, but it was also rent day, bill day and the first night of Robin’s new Monday night guest bartender/dj series. No wreez though, we got to nerd out.

My next stop will either be October 14th at La Carnita or at Origin (King Street) Keep checking in.

Also, I need a hair cut but am short on dough. Hook a sucker up. Otherwise my girlfriend’s sister is gonna cut my hair to look like Lloyd Christmas.

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