Before I get in to Bar Tour Day 12, dates have been added and moved. On October 1st I’m going to be at Ursa with my pal Robin Goodfellow. I don’t need to work his name into a pun which makes blogging way simpler. Also, if you know the Chantecler guys, tell them that I can’t DM them back on twitter if they aren’t following me, but that I’m down to work with them for a night. Also, the night at La Carnita is now going to be Gwai Lo Invasion, featuring at taco from Nick Liu and a cocktail that Christina Kuypers and I are working on together. Nick will give you octopus. I will give you mezcal.

Okay, last night I was at Churchill. The first few hours were pretty slow but I was working with my friend Quenton. 7 years ago when I first got into this industry, Quenton was a food runner at The Drake and I was a barback. It didn’t take long for us to become friends. Not surprisingly, this was based in an appreciation for early 90’s hip hop.


Working at Churchill was very comfortable. I have spent a lot of time in that bar and with everyone that was there last night. On Monday nights, the best you can hope for as a bartender is that everyone in your industry decides to go out drinking, because we all work all weekends. This is exactly what happened last night. Starting with the woman that designed the cocktail list for fall at Churchill. Sandy D’Almeida is someone that all bartenders should be inspired by. Her drinks, which are almost always spirit forward, and full flavoured are some of the most innovative drinks in this city, or anywhere. Her use of light syrups and herbs makes me want to be better at what I do.

She stopped by to try out one of her newest drinks on a couple of her friends. It was called Deliverance. Made up of Cedar infused Bourbon, Calvados, Fernet Branca, Maple Syrup and Berentzen, this drink tastes like fall in a cabin in eastern Ontario. Or “good” if you want to keep it simple.

The DJ, my friend Jeff Dixon played the top 100 songs from the billboard chart in 1993. Joey Lawrence, Green JelloUgly Kid Joe, Ice Cube, Tag Team and Mariah Carey. The only better than working/hanging out with friends and listening to great music is working/hanging out with firneds and listening to hilariously bad (terribilarious) music.

Tomorrow night I will be working at The Toronto Temperance Society. It’s the closest thing to a speakeasy in Toronto, so if you would like to come see me, and are not a member, please text me, or DM me on twitter and I will hook you up. See you tomorrow.