Bar Tour day eleven was really exciting. I got a call from the Hendrick’s Gin people less than two weeks ago to see if I would be available to serve drinks at an event they were sponsoring that involved a speaker that explores the earth and aerialists and human trees. (It was a tough decision, I do have some 90210 to catch up on…pfft) .

Xavier Padovani, the international brand ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin had come up with a recipe for a warm gin punch. Hendrick’s, Madeira Wine, Orange peels, pineapple, honey, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, lemon juice and brown sugar were all big parts of this punch. For the second time on this bar tour, I had an experienced bartender tell me that they make drinks based on colour. At least in the case of this punch, there was a lot of tasting before we were done combining all these ingredients. It came out delicious.

If you’ve never been to a Hendrick’s event, they are always quirky and resemble nothing else I’ve seen in liquor sponsored events. So while I was stirring and watching to make sure the punch never boiled, I should not have been surprised when a woman wearing only gold paint walked into the kitchen prep area complaining that it was cold. She was being painted to resemble a tree.

The speaker was a 73 year old man named Charles Brewer-Carias. Among other things, he has been down the world’s largest sinkhole, has at least 20 species of plants and animals named after him and has a killer moustache. He found an organism that is silicon based. Take a minute with that. As a guy that reads National Geopgraphic and watches Star Trek, this was really cool.

When he was finished his talk, myself and the lovely and talented Megan Jones served the 125 people in attendance Gin and Tonics, Gin Bucks and the aforementioned punch. We did well considering the rush that occured right at the end of the talk. I figure everyone needed a drink to give their brains a break from all the information they just absorbed.
Then I took this sweet baby for a spin

Tonight I will be working at Churchill. My friend and former co-worker Jeff Dixon will be DJ’ing. He does a bi-weekly party there called “Tasty Fuckin’ Jams”. This edition will be all songs from 1993 because of some dumb inside joke that has been taken too far. Come by and enjoy Janet Jackson, Shai and Whitney Houston.