Bar Tour Day Ten was a real thing. I was at 1602 Dundas, which is a solid beer’n’shots bar. It changes it’s name every night, 7 nights of the week. The night that I worked, I was working with a guy named Steve. We’ve been on opposite sides of bars from each other for many years. Go figure, we worked really well together.

This night there was supposed to be some kind of high five championship qualifying round. I saw nothing official about it, but the idea inspired everyone in the bar to high five everyone else in the bar, which is good enough for me. It’s pretty hard to have a bad time when everyone is high fiving around you.

The night I worked there, because both Steve and I are visually impaired, the name of the bar was “You Wouldn’t Hi-5 A Guy With Glasses, Would You?”

Also they have a really, really impressive scotch and bourbon selection. Of course when you have that much whisk(e)y on your backbar  people are going to ask for whiskey cocktails. Anytime someone did, Steve sent them my way. It started as manhattans, but then I started playing around and the drink that ended up being my unofficial and unplanned “drink of the night” was a hybrid paper planeboulevardier drink.
1.5oz. Bourbon (I used Four Roses for some, Maker’s Mark for others)
.5oz. Sweet Vermouth
.5oz Aperol
A tiny squeeze of lemon juice.
Dash of angostura bitters.

Everyone that tried one liked it. Including Megan Jones. I felt very well supported that night. Friends of mine from Gwai Lo, Campagnolo, The Drake, Reposado, and The Rhino all came out.

This night was a 180 turn from what I had been doing all week with the very food forward night at Yours Truly on Monday, and the very precise cocktail night at the Black Hoof Cocktail Bar. The food at 1602 consisted of 4 different flavours of potato chips. The cocktails were “whatever you think it should cost for whatever you put in it”. This night made me think of when I was a kid and I’d hear an adult* walk into a kitchen at my grandma’s house and say “I know my way around a kitchen”. As a 7 year old I thought “bullshit! you’ve never been in this fucking house before you liar!” (i was a brat…was). But after this week of stops on my bar tour, I have realized that I kind of know my way around a bar. Either that or I am also full of shit.

Tomorrow I will be at a ticketed event at The Great Hall involving a talk from The Adventurists and it is sponsored by Hendrick’s Gin who have asked me to come and bartend with their international brand ambassador Xavier. Tickets are only $20 and it runs from 2 until 7.

*In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of the links I insert into my blog are kind of random images and videos that do not necessarily have anything to do with what I’m actually typing about. Please, never do a google image search for adult, unless you are in “that” kind of mood.