Sorry this took a few days, but I was away. More on that later.
The fourth stop on my bar tour was The Drake Hotel for a TIFF kick-off party. I was there on behalf of Sailor Jerry Rum, who I’ve been doing cocktails and promo work for this summer. This was the last event in Toronto where they had their airstream trailer. This trailer has been home to barbers, bartenders, tattoo artists, a dart board and a sno-come machine for a few months.

Doing this event at The Drake is particularly funny for me, as I worked there for a long time, but haven’t been on the bar there in almost 2 years. I had made sure it was okay by staff and management if at some point I jumped on the bar to “help out”. I got the okay and we were off.

The majority of my night was spent handing out drink tickets and telling people about the product (my 16 year old self just kicked me in the nuts…but even he likes free booze). This party was packed.. K-Os and Brendan Canning were DJ’ing, Dinosaur Bones and The Darcys played and Stella Artois was there handing out drink tickets as well.

Towards the end of the night, when things started slowing down, I was convinced to get a Sailor Jerry tattoo. This part was odd for me, only in that all of my tattoos (except for the “MOM” on my shoulder) are as far away from traditional style as possible. I liken my tattoo style to fridge magnets.

The funnier part about this all night party where I did promo work, bartended and got tattooed is that I woke up at 9 the next morning to drive to Boston. Ten hours in a van? No bigs.

Here is a picture expertly taken by my girlfriend, of my rubber arm getting tattooed.