Sunday night was the wedding of one of my best friends and her man of the last 5 years. Officially my job at the wedding was MC. However, there was a BBQ/party after the rehearsal where about 60 people showed up to drink. I brought along several flasks and was playing around with the scotch, rye, vodka, gin and beer as well as some fruit. Nothing to write home about, but the bridesmaids seemed into it.

The night of the actual wedding, I snuck behind the open bar at the reception and helped out the 2 girls, whose combined ages might have totaled up to 40, for a minute. They were thankful, and probably weirded out by the tattooed guy showing them the easiest way to make a gin and tonic is by pouring the gin first.

Other than all the wedding and love stuff, in the actual club house bar downstairs at the venue they had a fridge that I’ve never seen, or at least never noticed before. It was your standard keg fridge, with direct draw taps, but there was a compartment in the top where beer glasses could chill. Always learning something.

Also, I cried, like a wuss during this wedding.
Because at the reception, the bride and groom walked in to SLAYER.