So! My bar tour started today. Funny thing is, it wasn’t at a bar. It was at Boreal Gelato, a gelato shop and lunch spot in Parkdale. I have been friends with the owner, Mel,  for a few years (we used to work together at The Drake Hotel, but who hasn’t?) and when she opened her own place, everyone that knows her has done their best to support her.

This party was to celebrate their first year of business. So they had me making drinks, art by Jeff Blackburn and music from Christine Aziz and a DJ.

Beyond the keg of Steamwhistle that the party finished (good work), the “drinks” featured were:

Two scoops of chocolate gelato and a shot of Jagermeister
Two scoops of vanilla gelato and a shot of Spicebox Whisky
Two scoops of raspberry sorbetto and a shot of Beefeater Gin, with lime zest.

Not really my usual speed, drinks-wise, but they all tasted amazing and  fit into the price point Mel wanted for the party. Probably better that way, as the mood was very casual. If the rest of the dates on this tour are half as fun and easy going as this, I’m in for a really sweet month.
The whole night I kept thinking about how Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye used to scoop ice cream when they formed their first bands.

Next stop, Trish and Mike’s wedding in Fenlon Falls. This is assuming that they let me on the bar after MC’ing. Regardless, I’ll bring a flask or three. That counts as bartending, right?